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#3 Choose Your Weapon

In this lesson we were asked to evaluate several text editors.  I was a little biased going into it as one of the options was the program I used to use when I coded back in college.

In the lesson I took a look at the following 3 text editors.

After spending a little time playing and researching I came to understand–and confirm my bias–that notepad++ was the far superior player.  First it seems that “ConText” is no longer being actively developed.  The last stable version is almost 5 years old. “E Text Editor” on the other hand has some interesting features, but is not as open source as I would like from an editor.

There are a few things I really like about Notepad++.  First is there open source policy.  Notepad++ operates under a “GNU General Public License” making their software truly open and free.  Second I like how light weight the app is.  It is small simple and gets the job done. Third are the features.  While there are too many to list here I really dug the tabbed documents, and the way it sorts and organizes html files.

Tabbed Docs



  1. I have tried notepad++ but have not been able to get the annotations that are shown in your screen shots.

    I have plain text, without any of the html groupings that are shown.

    Whilst I give that a plain text editor would be good, I am erring towards eclipse with a small number of plugins that are readily available

  2. Try saving your document as a .html file. The annotations should show up then.

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