For this activity we were asked to spend some time researching DNS and explain it in a creative way.  I chose to create a mini YouTube based lecture.  Enjoy.


In terms of resources I mostly depended on my own knowledge about DNS.  That said the following resources were also helpful:

The nuts and bolts of putting this artifact together contained a few steps and peices of software.  First, I created a PowerPoint Presentation to serve as the visual component of my presentation. Second, I jotted down a basic outline of what to talk about. Third, I activated screen capture software ( and put the PowerPoint into presentation mode. Fourth, I spoke extemporaneously about the topics on my outline.  Last, I uploaded the video to my YouTube channel and set it to a creative commons attribution licence.


As to why I went this route…it was what I was familiar with.  The technical process is the same way I record lectures for my online classes.  It could have been better if I added a few oral citations, but overall not bad for a 30 minute project.