I use a wide variety of OER Resources in my courses. Below is a list of recommended OER Resources for the Communication Studies Discipline

Public Speaking (C-ID COMM 110)

  • Tucker, B. G., Burger, A., Daniel, C., Drye, J., Hunsicker, C., & Mendes, A. (2020). Exploring Public Speaking: The Open Educational Resource College Public Speaking Textbook (B. G. Tucker & M. LeHew, Eds.; 4.1).

Argumentation or Argumentation & Debate (C-ID COMM 120)

  • Dowden, B. H. (2022). Logical Reasoning (2nd ed.). California State University Sacramento.
  • Jeffrey Hannan, Benjamin Berkman, & Chad Meadows. (2012). Introduction to public forum and Congressional debate. International Debate Education Association.

Oral Interpretation of Literature (C-ID COMM 170)

  • Anna Martinez. (2022). Oral Interpretation of Literature: An OER intended for a college course on the oral performance of literary texts.